The JANUS SESSIONS is out now!

"The Janus Sessions" represents significant growth in artistry from Dwayne Jarrell and the Truer Sound's debut album, "West Coast Diaries". The musical palette has expanded, and the themes have become more universal, and yet more queer. The album starts with the driving blues rocker, "Indiana", which was also the first single and has received significant international attention. From there, the musical journey takes the listener through the thoughtful grooves of "100 Proof", a rousing cover of Taylor Swift's "Nothing New", the bittersweet lullaby of "Old Ways" and a beautiful piano and slide heavy cover of Son Volt's "Windfall". The album closes on a hopeful note with a contemplative rocker, "Picket Fences".

Listen to the album now:

Watch the lyric video for "Old Ways' here:

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