From the recording West Coast Diaries


Red and white, and black and blue
Colors fly and insults too
Manufactured news and busted truths
Driving us into deeper grooves

Hollow leaders with faithless gods
Do their best to set us at odds
Blinding us so that we can’t see
We’re the ones who hold all the cards

Lizard brains in echo chambers
Re-sounding voices of deceit
Can machines learn to teach us
How to set ourselves free?

We deny the science via satellite
Defying logic and plain insight
These virtual brains always in our hands
Drawing us into darker nights

Oh how is it that we’ve come this far but
Still have so far to go?
Technology is breaking us
We could be using it to grow

They cater to our worst appetites
Til we can’t see what’s wrong or right
Can these tools help us find our way
And break us out into the light of day?